Our History

We love new ventures and the challenges and matching it with a custom solution, strategy, buyer or seller.

“We’ve Written Intriguing Stories”Ocean Grand History

Once Upon a Time…

Not so long ago in a place that many of us know well, there lived a story to be written by Ocean Grand.

Through the Amazon Jungles of South America, the crystal waters of the Caribbean, the Alps of Europe, and even remote parts of Africa, Ocean Grand has been involved in writing some of the worlds most intriguing stories of business success.

For almost 25 years those who work for Ocean Grand have been writing personal stories of slaying corporate competition, finding storehouses of treasured income, while romancing innovation and strategy. We believe every great company has an even more incredible story that dwarfs even the best fairy tales.

Every person and business has an incredible story and many have trusted Ocean Grand to craft their story to perfection.