Branding and Design

We love new ventures and the challenges and matching it with a custom solution, strategy, buyer or seller.

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Branding and Design

The Ocean Grand Shoreline“Let Us Write Your Legacy “

Legacies Are Worth Telling

Nothing is as powerful as a good story. Ocean Grand knows that better than most. Finding the story and telling it well is one of our unique abilities.

Lots of organizations can create brochures, marketing materials, print media and other corporate collateral. However, if the story is wrong or weak all the money and energy to get them to clients is wasted when it goes into the “round filing cabinet”.

“Once Upon a Time” there was an organization like yours who had an incredible story of adventure and excitement to tell. If you allow Ocean Grand the privilege of telling the story we will help your story “go down in history” as one of the greatest stories ever told.

We work with all kinds of clients on every kind of design and branding product you can think of.  We love helping people tell their stories whether it is in print or digitally.

Our Niche

Our niche is providing clients and nonprofits the very highest design, branding and printing at a very affordable price.  Then providing those clients with a state-of-the-art and interactive experience that provides them the best looking branding on the planet.

Ocean Grand has worked with high-end clients all over the world helping them to brand their companies and nonprofits in a way that puts them at the top. We step you though the process of helping us design the look, feel and presence of your nonprofit from concept to the finished product. We want your nonprofit marketing materials to look just the way you want them to and we collaborate with you interactively through the whole process.

We do all the traditional media you might expect from a design and marketing company, what you most likely do not expect is the way we will make it come alive.

  • “Brand” Positioning
  • Brand Development
  • Visual/Graphic Identity
  • Corporate and Product collateral
  • Content Development
  • Corporate Web sites
  • Search-Engine Optimization
  • Internet Planning
  • Project Management
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Interactive Brochures
  • Interactive Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production

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