Franchise Branding

We love new ventures and the challenges and matching it with a custom solution, strategy, buyer or seller.

Ocean Grand knows the importance of keeping your brand looking just like you need it, and we can  help you do that while providing you a virtually hands-off solution for your franchisees but with more control and versatility than you currently have.

We work with large and small clients all over the world helping their companies have the best image and marketing materials available. If you don’t offer your franchisees the absolute best package of marketing materials available then you should work with us to get those that are in the position to make your franchise a success looking their best.

Our 25+ years as a businesses owners starting and running over 15 business around the world, we believe there is no substitute for strong branding and extraordinary looking marketing materials. One serious about business should always have the proper tools to tell others their story and pass on their information to others who could in turn pass it on to those that need their help.

At Ocean Grand we can also help you with your continuing efforts to reach more clients. We specialize in working with businesses all over the world giving them the advantage of a strong brand and impactful message.

With many businesses we become the affordable “off site” marketing and branding department that many larger companies have on site. This gives businesses the advantage of having what the larger companies have, yet not needing to pay regular staff on an ongoing basis for it. You get expert graphics, web, print, mailing and advertising at the fraction of the cost while knowing your materials always look good and professionally produced. You have a professional graphics, design and print company always on call and only pay for the items you need.

This could help you get more value for your money and keep your staff focused in the areas in which they are expert.

How It Could Work
Once you set the parameters of your franchise style sheet with us your franchisees could then come right to us for all their design needs, elevating the need for your staff to hassle with the marketing items. Instead, we would stay within your guidelines and provide them with any number of marketing assets. We  maintain your franchise brand in all that we design with your franchisees and always send you a final proof for your approval. We can put together an initial marketing package for each of your franchisees when they first sign up with you which would include the design and printing of a:

Business Card Design
Letterhead Design
Envelope Design
Tri-fold Brochure
Glossy Presentation Folder
Social Media Package (Twitter and FaceBook)
and Direct Marketing

That would get them off to a good start, then they could also order a la carte other items they wanted to invest in that you approved. This would give all your franchisees across the country a professional and branded look.

Here is a small list of products that your franchisees most likely need throughout the year that we could help you with. However, we are known for providing small, medium and large businesses with anything they might have need of.

Some of Ocean Grand’s Franchise Services:

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Customized Thank You Cards
  • Customized Greeting Cards
  • Customized Christmas Cards
  • Corporate Letterhead
  • Corporate Envelopes
  • Flyers any size “edge to edge printing”
  • Brochures any fold
  • Postcards with customized mailing services
  • Magnets
  • Banners
  • Websites
  • Counter cards, Business Cards, Referral Brochures
  • Ongoing Flyer Creation
  • Double-sided PDF Brochures for emailing
  • Interactive Online Brochures
  • Corporate Style Sheet Personalized Christmas Cards
  • Personalized Holiday Cards

Anything graphic design, branding, and print media related!

In addition, we do comprehensive business, marketing, and nonprofit consulting with over 25 years of experience starting and running more than 15 businesses and 5 nonprofits. We can bring a fresh look and innovative ideas to make your business more than you ever expected it can be.
It makes a big difference to have a second set of eyes looking at every aspect of your business marketing, referral and new client generation to optimize every avenue where you can attract more customers, make more profit, or a more successful nonprofit impact.. If you are interested in talking more about how your business or nonprofit can optimize and increase revenues, staff, processes, and marketing we would be thrilled to talk to you about arranging that.